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Retrofit with radio data transmission: How to modernize your automation – quickly and easily via Plug & Play

In the past, the use of cables for data transmission was the standard in industry. Today, as an alternative to cables, there are numerous options for wireless communication that are characterized by greater flexibility, a long service life, and maintenance-free operation – especially intelligent radio data transmission. But how can existing solutions in machinery and equipment be replaced with radio solutions? In this article, we show you how you can replace cables, slip rings, light barriers, and the like with radio data transmission by means of a retrofit. Quite simply, independently, and without any changes to your system.

Modernization of Data Transmission: Challenge as an Opportunity

Automation solutions and equipment in industry and machine construction are designed for longevity and often for decades of operation. They prove their worth every day and a complete exchange is always associated with considerable effort and costs. At the same time, unplanned downtime increases due to brittle, heavily stressed cables and drag chains, worn sliding contacts, and often maintenance-intensive inductive data transmissions. These components need to be replaced over time. What sounds like a lot of effort is actually a great opportunity for maintenance staff and plant operators: Because thanks to the rapid pace of technical progress, there are now solutions for creating reliable and stable automation solutions with intelligent radio data transmission. If you take a few basic principles into account when switching to radio data transmission, you will keep the effort within limits and benefit from a comprehensive modernization of your equipment, make it fit for the next few years, and increase productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Replacing Cables with Radio Data Transmission – without Changes to the Machine

Important for easy replacement of the solution for data transmission: If possible, nothing should have to be changed in the general setup of the machine or plant. Often the timing settings of PROFIBUS or PROFINET have proven their worth, and meet important safety requirements or require new inspections and approvals by the TÜV and the like in case of an adaptation. That is what needs to be avoided. Wireless solutions often work with update times in the range of 16–32 milliseconds, while an update time of 1–2 milliseconds is common for PROFINET. Replacement with such a solution would require intervention in the machine controller and thus extensive testing and approval in some cases.

Wireless solutions from Schildknecht, on the other hand, can be exchanged 1:1 for existing cable or slip ring systems – without any change to the machine. The exchange can be carried out quickly and easily by a company electrician – extensive adjustments or new certifications are not necessary.

Plug & Play Installation of Your Radio Solution

The devices are selected according to the number of required fieldbus participants in the network. Here the experts at Schildknecht will be happy to advise and support you. Afterwards, you will receive the appropriate DATAEAGLE industrial wireless radio systems completely preconfigured and with illustrated commissioning instructions.


Install – Connect – Benefit

It is extremely easy to replace your existing cables, drag chains, or light barrier systems with Schildknecht radio data transmission: Install DATAEAGLE modules on the equipment, align antennas, connect cables, and supply with power: The participants are already automatically included in the radio data transmission network and supplied with data. The transmission rate is detected and set automatically. You benefit directly from the patented DATAEAGLE technology for secure wireless communication in industrial environments. Preprocessed data packets make it possible to reduce the amount of data transmitted so that the radio link’s stability is enhanced. You can find out all the details in the video “Radio data transmission made easy”.

Thanks to DATAEAGLE, no integration of data transmission into the hardware configuration is necessary. The GSD (PROFIBUS) or GSDML (PROFINET) device description files do not have to be changed and the “cable” configuration can be retained.

Machinery and equipment can thus be modernized with minimal effort and via plug & play installation. Operators benefit directly from more flexibility in the plant design and from the other advantages of intelligent radio data transmission in an industrial environment. At the same time, outdated and fault-prone technologies are gradually replaced through the replacement with Schildknecht radio data transmission. This increases the reliability of communication and helps prevent unplanned downtime due to maintenance work and failure.

Are you still encountering problems during installation? Then the Schildknecht commissioning guarantee will help!

At a Glance: Modernizing Your Data Transmission with DATAEAGLE


  • Cables, slip rings, and other solutions for data transmission can be replaced by radio data transmission and thus modernized – quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

  • Schildknecht DATAEAGLE wireless radio systems can be installed via plug & play: without changes to the machine and without integration into the hardware configuration (GSD/GSDML).

  • You benefit directly from modern radio data transmission – durable, maintenance-free, and reliable thanks to patented transmission technology.

  • Schildknecht assists you in selecting the appropriate devices and delivers all components preconfigured – with a commissioning guarantee for a worry-free start.

What are your application’s special requirements? Simply check for yourself whether wireless radio technology is suitable for your project – with our free project guide with a quick check for your wireless project.

Free project guide with quick check

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